Digital X-Ray


Our X-ray department is fully digital and over the years has become a rallying point for all hospitals and clinics requiring basic radiological services in our environment.

With a fully integrated PACS system and full time Radiologists, we can boast of same day reports for most investigations:

  • All conventional radiographic investigations like skull, paranasal sinuses, mastoids, IAM, pituitary, orbits, cervical spine, thoraco-lumbar spine, chest, ribs, shoulder, clavicle, scapula, arm ( humerus), elbow joint, radius and ulnar, wrist, carpal bones, fingers, pelvis, hip joint, femur, knee joint, tibia/fibular, ankle, foot, toes, plain abdomen
  • Special radiographic studies like Barium swallow, barium meal, gastrographin upper GI series, barium follow-through, barium enema, IVU, HSG, cysto-urethrogram, retrograde urethrogram, cystogram, fistulogram, venograms , sialogram, galactography etc.