The Covid-19 pandemic is a global challenge that has affected the way we do our business and deliver care. Till date, no potent cure for Covid-19 is available and efforts at developing vaccines have not truly paid off. Our strategy for Covid-19, is prevention, containment and isolation. We are mindful of your trust in our services and committed to rendering care in the most acceptable, safe and sustainable manner.

As a socially responsible organization, we are passionate about your safety and that of our workforce.

We have therefore modified our protocols, in line with global practices and recommendations by WHO and NCDC in Nigeria.

Here are a few tips, if you are planning a visit to any of our facilities across Nigeria or you are a partner organization or laboratory.

  1. Prepare for initial pre-enrolment scrutiny which may include Case history profiling, travel history and compulsory temperature checks with infra-red thermometers. This rule applies to all new and returning visitors, irrespective of circumstance or social status.
  2. All visitors, patients or staff are required to wash hands with soap and running water and also use Hand sanitizers prior to entry into our reception halls.
  3. Compulsory wearing of face masks throughout your stay in the facility.
  4. Observe ‘social distancing rules’ as may be applicable in your locality. We may limit the number of people permitted to access our reception/ waiting areas at any given time.
  5. Limit touching of surfaces such as laboratory access points, payment area, stairways, door handles and public galleries.
  6. Avoid visiting our facilities if you have respiratory symptoms like cough, sneezing, high temperature as we may contact NCDC or state Covid-19 team, where a high index of suspicious exists.
  7. We are currently not handling sputum tests (for whatever indication) or nasal swabs as our laboratories do not have Covid-19 rapid or PCR test capabilities.
  8. Finally, while in our facility, listen to directives issued by our staff or security personnel.

Remember that we all have a moral and social responsibility to fight the pandemic through proper behavioural patterns.


Prof. Felix Erondu


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