Ultrasound Scan

Our ultrasound department is one of the most sophisticated in our environment and boasts
of equipment with the latest technology and softwares from GE healthcare such as Matrix
linear probes, Multi-frequency probes, B-flow, Auto-intimal measurement, Virtual Assist,
Doppler capabilities and flow quantification algorithms, Virtual convex, Elastography and
3D/4D rendering. Our ultrasound department has specialization in the following areas;
 Obstetrics and gynecology
 Abdominal/Whole body
 Small parts: Thyroid/ parathyroids, Parotids, scrotum
 Ocular/ Orbits
 Urology/Prostate including biopsies
 Breast (sono-mammogram)
 Testicles
 Doppler studies (Penile, carotids, peripheral, Autograft,
 Musculo-skeletal and soft tissues.
 Trans-fontannelle
 Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures