Using Computed Radiography techniques, our Imaging scientists a guarantee professional touch for all X-rays. Images are usually digital and available in hardcopy prints or Compact Disks.

Occasionally, our images can be transmitted electronically to dedicated PACS networks.

We are capable of carrying out all conventional radiographic investigations such as skull, paranasal sinuses, mastoids, IAM, pituitary, orbits  cervical spine, thoraco-lumbar spine are done.

Other body regions include chest, ribs, shoulder, clavicle, scapula, arm (humerus), elbow joint, radius and ulnar, wrist, carpal bones, fingers, pelvis, hip joint, femur, knee joint, tibia/fibular, ankle, foot, toes, plain abdomen ( erect, supine, lateral decubitus) etc

Special radiographic studies like Barium  swallow, barium meal, gastrographin, upper GI series, Barium follow-through, Barium enema, IVU, HSG, cysto-urethrogram, retrograde urethrogram, cystogram, fistulogram, venograms , sialogram, galactography etc

. A 24 hour radiologist cover ensure same day results for patients.

 On-line bookings are available for special procedures.