We provide a wide range of ultrasound services  including:

Obstetrics and gynecology: To confirm pregnancy, determine age, number, position, lie and weight of fetus, placenta localization and grading, fetal anomaly screening, amniocentesis. etc

This profile also include causes of vaginal bleeding, threatened and incomplete abortion, screening for primary and secondary infertility, Hysterosonography,  confirmation of masses such as fibroids, ovarian cysts etc .

Screening for gynecological cancers such as cervical, ovarian and uterine cancers. Folliculometry for assisted fertility and sex selection, polycystic disease etc. Protocols include trans-vesical and endovaginal  modes, using 2D, 3D, 4D, multi-slice techniques and Doppler where necessary

Anomaly Profile: This is detailed study of the unborn baby to determine if there are developmental abnormalities. From nuchal transluscency tests, to detailed anatomic evaluation of fetal structures and fetal umbilical Doppler studies, we guarantee excellent diagnostic results for women at risk.

Abdominal : Whole body scans for medical and surgical conditions to include the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder ans adrenals as well as the biliary system. Organs are assessed for medical conditions such as hepatitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, renal stones, gallstones etc. Ultrasound is also done to exclude masses ( benign and malignant tumors), staging of known disease to exclude metastases. Abdominal ultrasound is also done to provide explanations for pyrexia of unknown origin, unexplained abdominal pains, changes in bowel habit and to check organ involvement in many medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, immunodeficiency.  Abdominal scans are also done in cases of trauma from RTA, domestic assault and gun-shot injuries and as a routine in pre-employment or insurance medical work-up.

The  small parts: Eye/orbital scan is done in cases of trauma, suspected foreign bodies, cataract, retinal and choroidal detachments, vitreous haemorrhage, unexplained corneal changes, orbital and ocular tumors etc

Thyroid/ parathyroids are done in metabolic disorders, goitre, neck sweelings, thyroid tumors etc. Protocols are usually with high frequency linear probes.

Prostate,testicles, scrotum:  Trans-rectal ultrasound assesment of prostate in BPH, cancer of the prostate and to explain causes of lower outlet obstruction or urinary symptoms in men. This is done routinely as part of our cancer screening program for men.  Scrotal and testicular scans are done in fertility evaluation to exclude variecoeles and also following infections and traumatic torsion of the testis or epididymis, exclude hydroceles, masses like cysts or tumors, microlithiasis etc.

Neonatal Intracranial:  Image Diagnostics has expertise in Transfontanelle ultrasound for neonates to  confirm and explain causes of hydrocephalus, raised intracranial pressure,cranial birth injuries like cephalo-hematoma, unexplained meningitis etc.

Elastography: Using high specific technology, soft tissues such as breasts, superficial masses and Liver are examined to determine the stiffness and elastic ratios of tissues.  This can lead to confident confirmation of masses with unequivocal status. It is possible to further confirm that a solid mass in the breast is malignant without the need for more invasive core biopsy.