Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Our MRI center was commissioned in the late part of 2012, equipped complete with the latest Brivo MR235 system by General electric (GE).


Brain:  For diagnosis of intracranial neoplasms, cerebral inflammation and infections, stroke, cerebro vascular malformations, CNS trauma, Neurodegenerative disorders, and demyelinating disease.

Head and Neck: Orbits, temporal bone, sinonasal cavity, nasopharynx and oropharynx, cervical adenopathy, neck masses, larynx, pediatric head and neck.

Spine: Degenerative disease, spinal cord masses and injury, extramedullary tumors, infections of the spine and image guided intervaentions.

Chest: Mediastinum, pleura and chest wall, airways, thoracic aorta, heart and pericardium, coronary artey disease.

Gastrointestinal : GIT, biliary tract , liver, pancreas, peritoneum, mesentery and other organs
Genito-urinary Imaging: Kidneys and adrenals, retroperiteum, male pelvis and female pelvis.

Musculo-skeletal  system: Musculo-skeletal tumors, shoulder, ankle and foot, knee, hip.

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Spin Echo Pulse Sequences

Spin Echo and Fast Spin Echo sequences have been the mainstay in MR imaging due to their robust signal and well understood contrast behavior. BrivoTM MR235 offers comprehensive family of SE and FSE sequences
• 2D Spin Echo
• 2D Fast Spin Echo and
• 2D SS-FSE (single shot)
• 3D FSE for MRCP

Gradient Echo Pulse Sequences

The main advantage of GRE sequences is its shorter TR
enabled by lower flip angles and gradient inversions instead
of 180° RF pulses. Consequently, the GRE sequences are better suited to a variety of 3D volumetric applications including
CE-MRA techniques.
• 2D / 3D TOF

Inversion Recovery Pulse Sequences
This is an FSE sequence with preparatory 180° pulse to flip the net magnetization vector by 180° to null the signal from a particular entity, very often water. The interval between this 180° prep pulse and the 90° RF pulse is known as TI. The variants of the IR available with our ScanTools are:
• 2D T1 FLAIR (Fluid Attenuated IR)
• 2D T2 FLAIR (Fluid Attenuated IR)
• STIR – Short TI Inversion Recovery

Diffusion Weighted Echo Planar Imaging
With echo-planar imaging, a single echo train is employed to collect data from all lines of k-space during one TR. EPI is now the technique of choice for diffusion weighted imaging.

Line Scan Diffusion Imaging
Line Scan Diffusion Weighted Imaging is a spin echo based sequence, designed to detect under-diffused lesions.

2-point Fast Water/Fat Imaging

This 2-point Fast Water/Fat technique can get fat-only and water-only image within routine imaging time.

2D TOF Imaging, 3D TOF Imaging
TOF imaging techniques rely primarily on flow-related enhancements to distinguish the moving spins from the stationary spins.

Scan Preparation
For rapid and accurate tuning and calibration, BrivoTM MR235 features automatic adjustment of center frequency, transmitter power, receiver gain and 3D Shim, and reduces manual operations to a minimum

Image Display Functions
Single and multi images display with manual and automatic Window Level and Window Width controls
Rotation, Flip, Zoom, Pan, ROI Analysis, Cursor position,
Real-time report, Annotations, Imaging parameters display

Image Processing
MIP, Image Enhancement, Image Cut
ROI Functions: Distance, Intensity, Angle, SNR, Mean, STD, Maximum, Minimum, Area, Number of Pixel, Annotation at arbitrary position on images

The foundation for quality and flexibility

The Brivo™ MR235 system includes a wide-open magnet with industry-leading homogeneity essential for the highest image quality.

By maintaining field uniformity throughout the entire imaging volume, this magnet delivers consistent results from routine to most demanding applications such as off-center FOV, fat water imaging and EPI diffusion.

Operating Field 0.3T Tesla (12.77 MHz)
Magnet Type Permanent magnet 2-post structure
Advanced Shim System Hybrid active shim consisting of pre-shim, passive shim and unique 9-channel higher order active shim
Field Orientation Vertical
Patient Comfort The 2-post structure with soft lighting and integrated audio system provides highest patient comfort – even for large claustrophobic patients
Patient Access Wide-open with superb patient access on all sides
Table-top to upper cover distance 38 cm
Fringe Field 0.5 mT (5 Gauss) X axis (left right) 2.25 mY axis (Front – back) 2.25 m Z axis (Vertical) 2.6 m
Patient land marking Visible light land-marking for sagittal and axial reference
Magnet Weight 17 Ton