Our Endoscopy and GI center is managed by John Charles Medical group, Ohio,United States. It is equipped with the latest laser and fiber-optic technology for upper G.I, lower GI Tran-uretheral endoscopy. Other services include image  guided interventional procedures such as prostate and breast biopsies, aspiration and drainage of abscess or pleural effusions, pathology taps and laser treatment for hemorrhoids


What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a routine and commonly performed procedure, in which a highly trained doctor (called a gastroenterologist) will insert a colonoscope (a flexible tube containing a camera at the tip) into the rectum and colon (large intestine), to carefully inspect the colon. The scope is about the width of your finger, and the procedure is typically painless, as patients are sedated. A typical colonoscopy takes about 20-30 minutes.

Why is a colonoscopy recommended?

Your physician has recommended that you get a colonoscopy. The most common reason to have a colonoscopy is as a screening test for colon (and rectal) cancer. Colonoscopy can also be useful for the evaluation of conditions, such as bleeding per anum, chronic diarrhea and anemia (low blood counts) and unexplained abdominal discomfort or chronic constipation.

What to expect upon arrival for your procedure

Bowel preparations are compulsory before a colonoscopy. Patients are expected to contact the facility for a recommended laxative or purgatory. This is to ensure the colon is clean and free from faeces which will affect the quality of diagnosis.

  1. Upon arrival at the facility, the nurse will further explain the procedure and take your vital signs. The attending doctor will also review the procedure with you.
  2. The nurse will start an intravenous line to administer medications. The intravenous line is similar to having blood drawn. Your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation) will be monitored closely before, during and after the procedure.
  3. The colonoscopy will be performed while you are lying on your left side. Medications to help you relax (sedative) and narcotic (to help with discomfort) will be administered intravenously. Some people sleep during the examination, while others are very relaxed, comfortable and awake. This is NOT general anesthesia.

After the procedure

You will be monitored closely in the recovery area as the sedatives wear off.

At the conclusion of your procedure, you will receive specific Information about findings, post-procedure instructions and precautions.

Transportation Reminders

  1. You must arrive at your given location one (1) hour before your scheduled procedure time. Your entire stay will be between 2 to 3 hours.
  2. You are not permitted to take a taxi, operate any mode of transportation yourself or use any public transportation to get home after the procedure. A responsible adult will need to drive you home, and someone should stay with you for at least 2 hours to make sure there are no issues following the sedation or procedure.

Upper GI endoscopy and Colonoscopy services are available only in Port-Harcourt and Owerri Offices.