Computed Tomography (CT) Scan
Our latest GE Helical CT scan provides a high speed and quality scan with LASER images for all parts of the body eg Brain/ Head, skull, Thoraco-lumbar spine, Chest, Abdomen, pelvis, myelography, cancer staging, oncology planning, interventional procedures. We can handle at least 20 patients daily. Our environment is classy and lively and we can guarantee same-day results for all emergencies. Difficult and complicated cases undergo audit by world best imaging specialists through our innovative Telemedicine program and results are available within 48 hours.
Our protocols are elaborate and tailored to meet individual cliniacal needs. There are protocols for various parts of the body as listed below.
1. CT Head                                                                               
 2.CT IAMs/CPA                                                                       
 3. CT Paranasal Sinuses
 4.  CT Head [Paediatric]                                                            
 5. CT Chest [chest survey]                                                       
 6. CT Chest [Lung Ca / Mesothelioma staging/restaging]       
 7. CT Pulmonary Angiogram                                                  
 8. CT Aorta [? dissection/rupture]                                             
 10. HRCT [small airways disease, emphysema, asthma]         
 11. HRCT [interstitial lung disease]
 12. HRCT [? Bronchiectasis]
 13.  CT Neck [Pharynx/Larynx Ca Staging]
 14. Oesophageal Ca Staging/re-staging
 15.  Lymphoma/ Breast Ca Staging/re-staging                          
  16.  CT Upper Abdomen
17.  CT Abdomen/Pelvis
  18.  CT for ? Pancreatitis
 19. Pancreatitis Follow-up
 20.  Pancreatic Cancer Staging [3 phase]
 21.  Pancreatic Ca Re-staging
 22.  CT KUB                                                                                
 23.  Renal Mass Evaluation   [3 phase]
 24.  CT Urogram
 25. Liver Haemangioma
 26. Adrenal Mass Evaluation   [2 phase]                                   
 27.  Renal/Bladder/Prostate Cancer Staging/re-staging            
 28. Stomach Cancer staging/re-staging
 29. CT Colonography  [incl staging for colorectal cancer]         
 30.  Colonography [not staging]                                           
 31. T Spine [? Fracture]                                                            
 32. CT spine [? Disc prolapse]                                                   
 33. CT extremity